Relationship: “the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected” –Google


I’m going to take you back to memory lane with me real quick! Towards the end of 2018, I set the intentions to welcome, engage and commit to having honest, transparent, healthy and progressive relationships that hold each other accountable only.

What’s funny to me was me expecting nothing but an easy process and manifestation of those intentions because why not?! It was a positive one and well meditated by me, right?!

 Well, that’s not what happened. I did not expect for people who I have known for years and thought would stay in my life forever to become damn near strangers.

 By strangers as in people who do not know me (anymore). The amount of growing I did created a gap that I knew I couldn’t fill for anyone. I’ve tried to create ways for us all to meet at some level within the path, but I wasn’t successful with any of the countless attempts.


Relationships – most of us automatically think of it romantically once we hear this word. We also overlook the fact that each relationship we have with our family, friends, lovers, and coworkers relates to the relationship we have for ourselves.


Truthfully, it wasn’t until I had a better relationship with myself (self-love and self-care) that I started to see positive changes with all my relationships. Although the changes came with the responsibility of distancing myself from people and environments that no longer align with my path, I understood why it had to be done. As usual, clarity always provides with peace once it arrives upon us. We just have to be patient for it.

 So, this is your sign that you may have been looking for. I invite you to reevaluate the relationships you currently have in your life.




How do the people in your circle TRULY make you feel?


Are these relationships fulfilling? Why? Why not?


What are the relationships you have MIRRORING about YOU?


These are some questions that I found very helpful. I hope you do as well. Remember, things don’t always have to be dramatic. Choose your peace. You’ll thank yourself later and IT WILL ALL MAKE SENSE.


With love,







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