Lessons: “something learned by study or experience” - Merriam-Webster Dictionary

This year’s summer has been all about expecting the unexpected. My feelings towards it are pure gratitude despite the plot twists and challenges. I will say though; I’m glad to still be able to have fun and do things that I love!

I hope yours has been filled with memorable moments with people you love in places you’ll never forget :) .


I’d like to share some lessons that I’ve been constantly learning this summer. Let me start by sharing some eventful things that has occurred;

After accomplishing a huge Char and Roses project with the Arts Council for Long Beach, I told myself that I will take the whole month of June off and just enjoy being home in L.A. After all, I haven’t been home during summer for 3 years straight.

The Universe insisted otherwise. It was barely the second week of June and I had to fly to New York for a family emergency. I wasn’t expecting my stay to be prolonged for a month, but I trusted the Divine orchestration of it all. So, I decided to maximize my stay by hitting up the tourist spots in Washington D.C., and Virginia Beach. I also got to be in recluse for a few days in Delaware. Being someone who’s accustomed to big cities, it’s always nice to get a break from the matrix of it all.

Traveling for a month straight allowed me to be on full surrender mode and actually be OKAY with doing nothing (no emails, no meetings, no networking, NOTHING!), which was much harder than I thought! Ironically, by doing nothing, I learned so much.


1.     Auras speak for themselves ( you can’t fake the vibes).

2.     The energy you exude attracts the aligned people and experiences (whether it’s high or low vibrational).

3.     Having access to “healthy and organic” food is a PRIVILEGE. My body suffered during my week stay in Virginia Beach. Such a humbling experience.

4.     Life should be SIMPLE.

5.     Only people (like myself) in big cities over-complicate life. We let external things and people influence the decisions we make for OUR lives.

6.     Conversations are important. Face-to-face. No phones, no cameras. Just people exchanging words, time and energy.

7.     You are who you attract. Positive or negative. Pay attention.

8.     It’s okay to look back and connect the dots. Just don’t regress.

9.     Goodbyes will never be easy.

10.  Inner peace is a weapon.


I hope these lessons serve you. I invite you to unravel and explore them through your own lens of life.

I’d love to know what lessons have you been learning/ reviewing lately in the comments section :).

Have great rest of your Summer! Make every second count, babyyy!


With love,

Char B.

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