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Who is char?


I’m Char and I’m a Manila native, Los Angeles raised mami who is passionate about writing and traveling.

I started CharandRoses in 2017 and I am grateful to see it grow. It is my baby. Meeting such beautiful souls who are open and willing to discuss + process what surfaces during the writing exercises is a great reminder to myself how important vulnerability is. In a society where it’s encouraged to be suppressed, I’m blessed to be in a position to build a platform where it’s emphasized as a sign of strength.

I hope to see you soon at the workshops!


Funny you asked.

Yes roses are one of my favorite flowers, but that’s not the mere reason why I chose them.

Here’s the real tea;

I was living in New York when I came up with the name. Fresh off a break up and in the midst of making ends meet while being a full time student. My initial plan was to start a YouTube channel, so I was thinking of names for my channel. Since I was going through a cathartic break-up, the quote “Stop accepting the roses, while ignoring the thorns” simmered, so that’s how CharandRoses was born!

Char = myself, my being


  • The thorns symbolize the trials, the mud, the pain, the slip ups, tribulations.

  • The flower that blooms represent the VICTORY.

No matter how long it takes for our roses to grow, may we all be present in every thorn that grows first… It will all make sense in the end.

With love always,

Char Baluyot

What happens AT THE


  • Guided Meditations

  • Writing Exercises

  • Panel Discussions

  • Open Discussions

  • Giveaways

    • And More!


  • Wellness

  • Travel

  • Organic/ Natural Beauty